Introducing FitBumps!

The new on-going antenatal class from FB&B!

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Training Dates:


London Tower Hill: Saturday 27th April, Sunday 28th April 2013


Sheffield: Saturday 11th May 2013


The Opportunity

The addition of FitBumps will offer new and exciting opportunities for you and your clients. We will provide you with the support you need and make recommendations as how to run these from a business model point of view.

FitBack & Bumps will continue with the ongoing national marketing campaigns to raise the profile of these classes, as well as the exciting new FitBumps classes.

We will continue to invest time, energy and resources in to the brand which will raise the profile and result in more hits to the website and ultimately more enquiries and more bookings for you!

So how do you get onboard with these new developments?

You will need to attend our one day FitBumps Training Course at £75

What benefits will this give you?

The right to run ‘FitBumps classes’ for an initial period of 12 months from the time of attending the training.

You will be listed as a FitBack & Bumps instructor on the national website enabling potential attendees to contact you directly via the website to register their interest in your classes.

You will have access to the new instructor area of the website and be able to download a host of goodies to help you market and sell your classes to your clients. We will be updating exercises for FitBumps Classes regularly and you will be able to download these additions through the website. You will also receive discounts on future courses that FitBack & Bumps will be offering.

If you decide not to take part in this additional training for FitBumps classes you may continue to run the 4 week ante and postnatal programmes as our current arrangement and remain listed on the website. You won`t however be able to access the new instructor area of the website.

What will happen after the initial 12 month period?

We hope that you will make a real success of your classes, even more so with this fantastic new offering. We strongly believe that you will be successful if you follow our action plan and are motivated to make this work for you.

To have ongoing access to the instructor area and to have the rights to run FitBumps classes you will need to renew your arrangement with us. The fee for this will be just £95 for 12 months. We will contact you when this is renewal is due

We would like to hear from each of you regarding our new plans and coming on board with moving forward. It is really important for us to be able to support you in whichever way necessary in order to make things work for you.

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We have 3 dates for you to choose from to attend this training.

London Tower Hill: Saturday 27th April, Sunday 28th April

Sheffield: Saturday 11th May

Further dates will be released soon. Please register your interest and state if you would prefer a North or South Course.