Pelvic Floor Exercises -why bother doing them? Article by Fiona Stewart Specialist Physiotherapist in Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Pelvic Floor Exercises -why bother doing them? The pelvic floor is a sling of muscles between the legs which is attached to the symphysis pubis at the front and the coccyx at the back. Think of your pelvis as a bowl and the pelvic floor muscles (PFMs) as the bottom of the bowl. The PFM`s […]

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Cheese, Seeds and Sunshine- The low down on Calcium and Vitamin D during pregnancy : Guest Post Laura Clark ( Dietitian)

Cheese, seeds and sunshine – the low down on calcium and vitamin D during pregnancy In pregnancy food takes on a whole different meaning. What can I eat? What should I eat? What do I feel like eating?! Two really important nutrients to consider are calcium and vitamin D. As you head into your final […]

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Glow While You Grow! Guest Post by Laura Clark

Glow while you grow Achieving a good quality diet provides your body and your growing baby with what is needed for a healthy, safe pregnancy full of vitality! Here are some top tips to keep you glowing inside and out. Make friends with carbohydrates Carbs are not evil as many people are lead to believe! […]

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Iron Ladies! Guest Post : Laura Clark

Iron Ladies! For everything you need to know about this important mineral for pregnancy read on. Iron is an essential pregnancy mineral as it supports the creation of the extra blood supply needed. Starting off your pregnancy well nourished and keeping your intake of iron rich foods up, will help prevent deficiency. Your serum ferritin […]

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Trimester Nutrition: Guest post : Laura Clark

Nutrition: Your Trimester Guide Achieving a good quality diet during pregnancy, to provide your body and your growing baby with what is needed, is often a fine balance between calories needed and calories exceeded. Maintaining a healthy weight is important to reduce the risk of complications during pregnancy and delivery. Pregnancy weight gain varies greatly, […]

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The ABC of Antenatal Nutrition – Guest Post – Laura Clark

Being pregnant can often make you focus on what you’re eating more than at any other time in your life as you take on the responsibility for someone else’s nutrition as well as your own! However, eating well during pregnancy and getting the best nourishment for you and your baby can often feel quite a […]

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5 Baby Steps to Get Back in Shape – Guest Post – Laura Clark

Are you a new Mum keen to get back to your pre-baby weight? Are you stuck between your maternity wardrobe and your ‘normal’ one with everything feeling just that bit too tight? Are you wishing your waist would shrink at the same rate as your baby appears to be growing? Thinking about your own nutrition […]

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Pelvic Girdle Pain?

Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction – now called Pregnancy-related Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) – is a common pregnancy problem.  1 in 5 women in pregnancy experience some level of pelvic pain – either at the front or back of the pelvis. The severity of the symptoms varies and the pain is not always progressive. It can be […]

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So Should I Exercise During Pregnancy?

Exercise during pregnancy is often a bit of a grey area. Pregnancy is an amazing time when your body changes rapidly to provide for your growing baby, but who do you turn to for advice on exercising during this unique time? Often, many healthcare professionals that you will come into contact with during and after […]

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Getting my tummy back!

Beyond The Bump : How to Get Your Tummy Back After Childbirth Is It Ever Coming Back!? As you look at your growing bump, you might wonder if you’re ever going to have a flat tummy again.  With celeb mums seeming to fit back into their skinny jeans virtually overnight, many new mums feel the […]

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