What Are The Experts Saying?

Cabella Lowe MCSP HPC – Professional Head of Physiotherapy at Nuffield Health

“Nuffield Health recognises that FitBack & Bumps physiotherapy-led classes are ideal for helping mums, and mums-to-be, to cope with the demands that pregnancy places on a women’s body.  The training that the physiotherapists receive to deliver the classes is of top quality and is based on the latest research evidence.  It builds on the expertise that physios already have in the areas of preventing and treating musculoskeletal pain and prescribing exercises, with the aim of keeping mums fit and ready to cope with the physical demands of having a new baby.

Nuffield Health is proud to be working with FitBack & Bumps in providing these classes, which we consider to be the best of their kind.”

Cabella Lowe MCSP HPC, Professional Head of Physiotherapy: Nuffield Health 

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Mr Manoj Krishna is a specialist spinal surgeon and performs over 400 spinal operations every year.  He is a unique position to understand the physical stresses placed on the body during pregnancy.  In this video he explains the impact of pregnancy on the body and how the FitBack & Bumps programme helps to prevent these problems.

You can read more about Mr Krishna here


Sandra Bosman – Midwife of the Year 2007 and Director at More than One (charity for multiple births)


“When I saw a physiotherapist a couple of years ago he said that he has never seen a patient with such poor inner core muscles (that was me!)

I have had lots of problems with my back and I am sure childbirth did not do my back any favours.

I  was invited to attend the the FitBack & Bumps Postnatal programme last year (at my old age!) in an attempt to help me with my 20 years of postnatal aches and pains! I found the 4 session programme was great. It combined education with core exercises which was designed to speed up the postnatal recovery helping women regain their core muscles, improve their posture and help reduce those pregnancy aches and pains.

Since attending the programme I have found my core muscles again!,  my backache has hugely improved and my general body posture is much better. I highly recommend attending these sessions postnatally to help speed up the post pregnancy period. I just wish they had been around when I was pregnant!

As a midwife I always encourage women to exercise to recommended levels during their pregnancy which can result in a healthier pregnancy and smoother delivery. There are lots of benefits of keeping fit during pregnancy and the FitBack & Bumps Antenatal Programme gives you all the tools you need to do just that. I recommend these programmes to all mums and mums to be!”



Laura Clark is one of the FitBack & Bumps special advisors.


Laura  is a Registered Dietician and Sports Nutritionist passionate about educating and motivating people to achieve their health goals. Since graduating in 2001 Laura has continued to build her knowledge and expertise in many areas of nutrition and health and has held a variety of positions within health services in the UK and abroad.

With expertise in behavior change counseling, she is able to help and support people to develop the strategies and skills they need to achieve their health and lifestyle goals long term.

Laura established her private practice, LEC Nutrition, in 2004 and combines this with work in the NHS at a large teaching hospital. She is also a Mum and firmly believes that for any dietary change to be successful, it has to be practical and fit into real life.  She has a large and varied client base ensuring she is constantly up to date with the latest evidence on the links between diet and health.


Martina, a personal fitness instructor, embarked on the FitBack & Bumps programme during her pregnancy.  In this short video, she explains how the programme helped her physically and how much she learned about her body as a result.